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Google announces new video and photo features for Google+
by Tim Barribeau posted Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 12:57 PM EDT

Google Plus has always had something of a strong following among photographers, and Google seems keen to keep it this way, announcing a suite of new features and tools that should please anyone with a camera.

For those of you who frequently use Google Hangouts, these have been updated to support local sharing and SMS on Android; allow for scheduled Hangouts with a fixed URL; and automatic webcam fixes to improve how you show up to everyone you’re talking to.

Video has also received a substantial overhaul — if you’re shooting with some Android 4.3 devices. Much like Google+ can auto edit images, it can now also auto edit video footage, including adding music, with “Auto Awesome Movie”.

But by far the most impressive set of changes comes on the photography front. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll see:

Google+ for iOS is getting full-sized backup and background syncing, so your images will be saved at full res automatically.
A new way of searching allows Google+ to recognize the subject of images, and lets you search based on that.
Auto Enhance now lets you control how strong the edits are.
Snapseed now has HDR Scape filter — for an HDR look to your images
The Nik Collection has a new editing tool: Analog Efex Pro. And it should be free to existing users.
There are new editing tools that allow you to use a series of images to erase bystanders from the background, or combine them into an action collage.
All told, it’s an impressive set of new features and tools, for a variety of users. For everything from Lightroom plugins down to iPhone shooters, there’s something in the mix for everyone.

Reblogged from Flickr Blog:

The theme this week was a wet one. You showcased some amazing water photos, and here are our favorites.

A thank you to everyone who submitted their photos. You can check out all of them and follow us on Twitter to see the next challenge directly in your feed. We will be back next Tuesday with the new TwitterTuesday theme.

Introducing V
Oct 2013
Posted by duleepa in Uncategorized ≈ Comments Off
vWhen we started Empire Avenue we had a singular goal of providing people with the benefit of being able to exchange the value derived from their social networking online into things they could use. We’re about to make that dream a reality and with it comes the need for a second, complimentary currency.

Since the very beginning of Empire Avenue we have talked about our social currency as being called Eaves and this announcement does not change that. Eaves is now made up of E (which you have already been using) and V (our new complimentary rewards currency). E, denoted by the small “e” or the currency symbol for “e”, are used throughout the site especially in the Social Stock Market where your Share Price, Dividends and Investments are all handled with E.

Our new complimentary rewards currency to go together with E is denoted by “V”. You might notice that our new Empire Avenue logo contains both symbols quite prominently.

We will be rolling out display for V’s throughout the site over the next few weeks. Any user will be able to use V’s, like airline reward points, through Empire Avenue to exchange for goods and services, starting with Digital Entertainment mostly for those in North America (US and Canada) but we’re already working on more. We will reveal more more details in the next few weeks about what you can exchange V’s to — including more details on the the Digital Entertainment.

Obtaining V’s – You will be able to obtain V’s in the following ways:

Performing Missions which payout in V’s
Buying V’s from Empire Avenue
Through special events, activities or other promotions
Using V’s – You will be able to use V’s in the following ways:

Exchanging for items for use in Empire Avenue
Exchanging for items for use outside of Empire Avenue (such as Digital Entertainment)
Creating Missions for V’s
Conversion to E’s for use in other parts of the site
The question going through most of our users minds will be, “how can I use the E’s that I have accumulated?” We haven’t forgotten you! E’s are very important to us. Almost all items purchasable with V’s will be available for a discount when you use E’s in conjunction with V’s. For example, if an item will have a value of 100V then you might be able to obtain it for for 80V with a certain amount of E’s.

Q and A time:

1. Does “Eaves” refer to “E’s” and “V’s?

Yes. Eaves refers to Empire Avenue’s Social Currency which contains two components, “E’s” and “V’s”. E’s is a fun game currency which allows you to unlock access to people through the Social Stock Market, Missions and more. V’s is a rewards-based currency which will allow you to unlock goods, services, apps on Empire Avenue and beyond.

2. Can I convert E’s to V’s?

No. Due to the inflationary nature of E’s we cannot have you convert directly from E’s to V’s. You will be able to convert from V’s to E’s.

3. Will individuals start with any amount of V’s?

We are currently discussing what starter amounts of V’s should be, if any.

4. Will there be confusion between E’s and V’s?

We will work very hard to try and ensure that people do not get confused with the two. We understand, however, that for people who have been using Empire Avenue for years that a second currency might be confusing which is why we are putting specific use cases around Es and Vs and trying not to confuse the two.

5. Will I still be able to create Missions for E’s?

Yes, everything you currently do with E’s you will continue to be able to do. In many cases, such as in the Social Stock Market, you cannot use V’s, you must use E’s.

6. Will Missions with a V payout be different to the Missions that are available now?

There will be differences to Missions with V payouts. We will announce those separately.

7. What exactly will I be able to exchange V’s for?

We don’t want to make any specific announcement at this time.

8. When will V’s be rolled out?

We will roll V’s out over the next couple of weeks prior to the actual marketplace for V’s.

9. Will I be able to transfer V’s from one account to another?

Initially there will be no mechanism to allow transfer from one account to another for V’s.

10. When will I be able to spend V’s?

We will announce different parts of the V Marketplace at different times. We will first make sure that the currency is working and that you can accumulate them before the Marketplace is announced. However, we are talking weeks, not months, after V’s are rolled out.

11. You could have called it absolutely anything, why call it “V”?

We considered hundreds of names and the only one that made sense with our history, our brand and our team was V’s. It speaks to the past, the present and the future of Empire Avenue.

12. How many V do I get for $1 USD?

Specific numbers will be revealed at launch. The cost of Vs you receive per dollar may vary depending on the marketplace and based on a posted rate.

13. Is Digital Entertainment available globally?

While we will reveal more details on this exchange of Vs and Es for Digital Entertainment, we can definitely say that some Digital Entertainment will be restricted to USA and Canada due to licensing requirements.

14. Is V plural or singular.


Please discuss this post and announcement in the Empire Avenue General Discussion here.

How to Pay it Forward at [X]Pendapalooza 11?
Posted on October 13, 2013 by AlainBKK

On October 12, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. EDT, Empire Avenue (EAv) will host [X]Pendapalooza 11, a 24-hour social event that has been held only twice in the past year. Empire Avenue is a virtual stock market game that pays “eave” dividends based on players’ social networks and activities. For an [X]Pendapalooza event, dozens of established players spearhead a buying frenzy that elevates the stock prices of newer players.

If you have considered joining Empire Avenue, or you have an account that you left to languish, an [X]Pendapalooza event is the best time to stop by and see what fun you can have.

Pay it Forward at [X]Pendapalooza

A few elite players have grumbled this time around that they may not be able to participate in the party because they have maximized their investments in as many players as the game allows. Here are six ways anyone can participate in [X]Pendapalooza 11 on Empire Avenue, only one of which might require having more pie:

1. Enter your ticker on the appropriate list on [X]Pendapalooza day.

[X]Pendapalooza 11 starts October 12, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT, so you should plan to visit the community at this time or as soon as you can after this time. There are two lists, so experienced players can enter their names as well and possibly gain new investors.

2. Buy shares in any players on the lists you can.

I like to grab 100 in every player with a price less than 50e, fifty in those less than 100e, twenty-five in those less than 200e, and ten in everyone else, but it all depends on how many eaves I have.

3. Run missions giving eaves away.

Another big part of the fun for players, especially newbie players with an eave shortage, is that along with the flurry of buys they are getting, they also have the opportunity to complete a bunch of goodwill missions to fund their own purchases. When you buy shares, usually you are only passing ten percent of the eaves to a player. (Actually, you pass on even less after paying commissions.) With missions, you can pass closer to fifty percent or more of your eaves–depending on your account level and any fees. Other players then use your eaves to participate in the buying frenzy.

Personally, I do not recommend including requirements in a pay-it-forward mission, but when you give the eaves away, you can certainly use the mission link to send players to your Facebook page, a tweet or a photo that they will feel free to like or share. Do not expect anyone to take the time during [X]Pendapalooza to read a blog post though. Keep it simple.

In keeping with the pay-it-forward spirit of [X]Pendapalooza, many of the [X]Bar veterans I have seen at these events humbly suggest, “Don’t buy me today. Invest these eaves in newer, less expensive players.”

4. Engage with other players’ missions.

You do not have to grab their eaves if you do not need the revenue, but you can share appropriate content with one of your streams or connect on another network.

5. Encourage other players.

Leave a shout out on the timeline of a player whose price has jumped 10e or who has added twenty new investors. You might want to note the stats the day before of a few players you wish to engage. Then track their progress during the event. Conversation is at an all time high during [X]Pendapalooza. Be a part of it.

6. Cross-promote the event.

Let folks on other networks know that Empire Avenue has a huge event on the horizon, or happening now, as the case may be. [X]Pendapalooza is a great opportunity for newbies to make new connections, watch their share prices soar, and make some generous purchases of their own.

Is this your first [X]Pendapalooza? Click here for Preparing for [X]Pendapalooza.

You might also enjoy, How To Capitalize on [X]Pendapalooza Gains.

Hold the Pie

For what it is worth, I am not a fan of [X]Pendapalooza being combined with an EAv pie event. [X]Pendapalooza is about connecting with new investors. More pie simply extends the amount players can invest in stocks they already hold. The site is busy with buys already during [X]Pendapalooza, adding pie buys to the congestion slows down the pay-it-forward buys. It also makes it even harder for newer players to make reciprocal buys to the new investors they meet that weekend, as they will feel obligated to acknowledge pie buys with reciprocal buys as well.

But then, I have a blast at every event, so I will not complain whatever EAv decides about pie. I hope I see you there!

By Tammi Kibler

Tammi Kibler is a freelance ghostwriter and social media enthusiast. She shepherds three twenty-somethings, cooks with quinoa and kale, and trusts in the law of attraction. Read more at

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