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ImageThere is a Dr. Seuss story about Christmas.  You all know it.   Frankly, it really is not my kids’ favorite. 

Who really wants to hear about a mean spirited goon who sweeps down upon a population pretending to BE Christmas, all the while stealing everything good about the real Christmas?  Probably not you… but I am going to talk about Sarah Palin anyway. 

I may mention that Grinch guy too, although, I think he has been usurped by Ms. Palin this year.  Their spiritual mind-meld makes me think of them as a single unit, the Grinch-alin.  There.  I put a name to it.

Yes, Sarah Palin is this year’s Grinch.  “I say in a very jolly Christmasy way: ‘Enough is enough!” she declared against stores like Walgreens who do not commercialize Christmas enough.  “I love the commercialization of Christmas!” she stated.  Her observation of Walgreens: “Walgreens’ 24-page nationwide circular used…

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