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A Calm Cam Loch. by Gordie Broon.
A Calm Cam Loch., a photo by Gordie Broon. on Flickr.

Loch Assynt (Loch Asaint in Scottish Gaelic) is a freshwater loch in Sutherland, Scotland, 8 km ENE of Lochinver.

Whispered amongst the locals of Inchnadamph, the area surrounding the castle, legend tells of MacLeod’s lost daughter, Eimhir, and her continued presence at Loch Assynt. Instead of jumping to her death, they believe Eimhir plunged into the caverns of the Loch and, hiding from the devil to whom she was promised, made a new home beneath the water’s surface, becoming the elusive ‘mermaid of Assynt’.

The locals also use this legend to account for natural changes in the landscape. When the loch’s water rise above their normal levels, legend tells that these are Eimhir’s tears mourning her life lost on the land. Some even claim to have sighted her weeping on the rocks, her body now transformed into half…

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