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Here, your weekly recap of TED-related news:

Science writer John Bohannon (watch his TED talk) runs the annual Dance Your Ph.D. contest. This year’s winners must be seen to be believed. In the video above: a dance that explains sperm cell competition in chickens.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has a brilliant, troubling cover story on the drowning island-nation of Kiribati, which Greg Stone told us about on Mission Blue in 2009 (watch the talk). As ocean levels rise, issues of social justice arise as well.

TED Fellow Bilge Demirköz (read about her work) has been appointed to the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. She tells us, “I am the youngest person ever to be appointed to this board in its 50-year history, and the only female member out of 15.”

To make art that is rooted in loss: A shattering new read

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