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Tim Shea Falls

Last night I had a wee confrontation.   Redbubble (for those who don’t realise it), is a website for artists to showcase and sell their work.  It is where I showcase and sell my work (apart from my official website).  It has been the most wonderful experience to be a part of Redbubble.  Apart from making a little extra cash, I truly feel that my work as a photographer has blossomed and grown as a direct result of being a part of that community.  Everyone is usually so encouraging and supportive and I have learned such  a great deal as a result.

But like everything in life, it is not always smooth sailing.

Last night the image shown above, received a negative comment.  Firstly, no one enjoys negative feedback, even those who say they welcome it.  But the reason this particular comment, on this particular image, cut so deeply, is…

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