A couple of weeks ago, mobile app search engine Quixey raised $50 million in Series C funding from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and others, and today we’re getting to see the first results of what’s come of that with the debut of Quixey’s first consumer-facing Android app search utility, now available on Google Play.

Until today, Quixey has primarily worked with business customers, including Sprint,, browser makers, and OEMs, who license its technology to power their own app search engines and experiences. But at the time of the funding announcement, Quixey CEO Tomer Kagan said that the company would have something “pretty major” in the consumer realm in just a few weeks.

We understood that would be an Android application which allows Quixey’s search service to be better baked into users’ smartphones. With the new app, out now, users can search for apps using simple descriptions instead of app…

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