Can you believe that just happened? I’m still rubbing my eyes (probably a bad idea because it’s flu season). No one expected, well, quite this: Valve hopping into the operating-system game, training — and make no mistake here — its sights on Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google and anyone else I’m forgetting in the non-Unix-like-OS column.

“Thousands of games, millions of users. Everything you love about Steam. Available soon as a free operating system designed for the TV and the living room,” writes Valve on the new SteamOS promo page, which unlocked at exactly 1:00 p.m. E.T. on Monday. The picture above, probably a Photoshopped purplish negative of the sun, shows SteamOS dangling in orbit like an alien satellite, presumably the first of others to come. We have at least two more reveals, with the final one possibly the storied Steam Box everyone’s been talking about for ages.

Make no…

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