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First Drive: 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

PORTLAND, ORE. — If the measure of a car’s worth is found in its ability to prevent collisions while helping protect its occupants when such does occur, the revised and refreshed E-Class lineup could prove priceless. I just returned from spending a few days in beautiful Oregon driving the latest E-Class variants and came away inspired by the region’s beauty, but more importantly, impressed with the Advanced Assistance Driving Package that is now offered on the E-Class.

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Whether a tech geek or not, the notion of autonomous vehicles has likely crossed your mind at some point. These are vehicles that drive themselves, delivering occupants safely and efficiently to pre-programmed destinations. While this level of operational independence remains miles down the electrified highway, Mercedes-Benz is encroaching on such functionality with its Distronic Plus technology aided by its cutting-edge Steering Assistance capability.

Distronic Plus is…

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