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City planner Jeff Speck has a big idea for how America can be more economically resilient, more environmentally sustainable, and a whole lot healthier: make our cities more walkable,[ted_talkteaser id=1843] and the people in them less dependent on cars. In today’s talk, Speck takes a close look at suburban sprawl — and the many unexpected effects it’s had. “I believe that this American healthcare crisis we’ve all heard about is an urban design crisis, and that the design of our cities can be a cure,” he says.

Speck is the author of the book Walkable City, all about how thriving downtowns can transform both people and the environment. We asked him to pick some of the cities in the world he’s found the most delightful to explore on foot. He qualifies his picks saying, “These lists are silly and inevitably wrong, but here are the places that…

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