YouTube could be filled with a whole lot more Police, Camera, Action!style videos if this hack, put together overnight here at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 hackathon, keeps on rolling. The app buffers a recording of video from the car’s front-view camera — with the idea being to allow the driver to selectively capture footage of accidents, dangerous driving or just record some beautiful scenery for posterity. Or, hey, even a massive meteor trail.

The hack is the work of LA-based developers Rupert Ralston and Nick Ghirardelli, plus designer Peter Green.

RoadView is basically a black box for cars but Ralston says they didn’t want it to sound “too morbid” — hence the inclusion of a share to YouTube function, to oil the wheels of a social use case. Everyone loves videos of other people’s terrible driving, after all.

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Recordings can be triggered manually, for instance…

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