Apple Loses another Case – The US eBook Antitrust Case! The iMedia Focuses On Apple’s Intent To Appeal, As If They Have A Chance! – The Judgement Includes An Injunction And Appointment Of Compliance Auditors For 5 Years! The iMedia Tries To Spin This Obvious Loss By Repeating Apple’s Lies!


Update: Apple says that it plans to appeal the final judgment that was issued earlier today in a U.S. District Court over antitrust practices in e-book pricing, saying it “did not conspire to fix e-book pricing.” The judge in the case, Denise Cote, included restrictions in how Apple could deal with publishers for the next five years, and ordered the appointment of special compliance auditors to make sure it followed the orders of the injunction.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Apple said the following: “Apple did not conspire to fix ebook pricing. The iBookstore gave customers more choice and injected much-needed innovation and competition into the market. Apple will pursue an appeal of the injunction.”

The remarks by Apple set the stage for yet more fractious exchanges, and come as the courts also prepare to set fines for past infringements by Apple which could total hundreds of millions of…

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