The latest smartphone sales figures are out today from Kantar WorldPanel Comtech, and in case you needed one more metric to underscore the topline trend that’s been the case for years, the WPP-owned market-research analysts are giving it to you: led by Samsung, Android accounted for 65 percent of all smartphone sales in the nine influential smartphone markets in the world (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Australia, China, Mexico) for the 12-week period to the end of July.

Apple, meanwhile, is an increasingly mixed picture, with shares as low as 6 percent in one country, Spain, and as high as 43 percent in the U.S., for a nine-market share of 26.3 percent. Kantar’s figures also highlight another important trend. Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS devices — and by association its biggest partner, Nokia — continue to gain ground, if slowly. The platform is now at 4.4 percent of sales across these markets, says Kantar…

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