Irked that the government lied to you about the privacy abuses of the National Security Agency (NSA)? You’re not alone.

Today, Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut published a statement on the recent revelation that the NSA had breached privacy laws thousands of times in a one-year period. The Washington Post, which broke that story, also reported that the NSA kept news of such encroachments from Congress, and that the rate of abuse was increasing.

This is not in keeping with the official party line, bipartisan take that the NSA is a benign evil that could abuse your privacy — but doesn’t(!). That narrative is now over. The NSA’s abuse of our privacy is systemic, widespread and often banally accidental. I could go on, and I will in later posts, but let’s give space to the good Congressman (emphasis mine):

I am quite disturbed by the news that the NSA…

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