30 years later and our word processing software hasn’t evolved, not even to adapt to mobile. That changes tonight with the launch of Quip, a freemium new word processing app from former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor’s new startup. Quip works on desktop but is designed for mobile. It automatically formats documents to the size of your screen, offers in-app collaboration and messaging, and even works offline.

macwrite“Quip is a modern word processor optimized for the era of tablets and phones”, Taylor tells me. We’re in the middle of a transition away from the desktop computer, yet word processors have stagnated. For dramatic effect, Taylor dropped a screenshot of MacWrite (shown to the right) into the Quip introduction post, and told me “It’s comical how similar that looks to what we use today.”

The shift to mobile is so seismic that it trumps the importance of all the legacy…

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