Instagram’s narcissistic obsession with selfies has been well-documented. Turns out it’s also contagious — at least, if you’re in the business of trying to build a rival social property, as, a U.S. mobile messaging startup that wants to become a one-stop-messaging-cum-social-sharing-platform, undoubtedly is.  In an update to its iOS app has added a new selfie message type, to pander to the (similarly) self-absorbed. The move underlines how mobile messaging, photo-sharing and social networking continue their not-so-slow-motion collision.

Version 1.2 of the iOS app now includes selfies as the first option when you hit compose message — above compose a (text) message — to speed up posting that awesome #me shot. Once you’ve taken your selfie, the app also offers Instagram-style filters (and a moveable blur effect)  so you can be liberated from the self-consciousness of posting something photorealistic. And so your latest selfie has a chance of…

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