Congress almost cut off funds for an NSA spying program, until San Francisco Rep. Nancy Pelosi stepped in to save it. Rep. Pelosi, of California’s 12th district, worked to kill the Amash amendment to the 2014 Defense Appropriations Bill. Amash’s amendment would have defunded the NSA’s domestic phone record program, which collects metadata on every call placed in the United States.

It almost passed, failing by a narrow 205 to 217 margin. It now appears that it could have passed, but Rep. Pelosi worked behind the scenes to convince a number of Democrats to vote against the amendment.

According to Foreign Policy, a Democratic aide told the publication that “Pelosi had meetings and made a plea to vote against the amendment,” the effect of which was greater than briefings with General Alexander, head of the NSA. Pelosi recently took fire at a liberal gathering for her defense of NSA…

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