MavenSay is an app focused around personal recommendations, but today the company is launching a brand new standalone app called Rithm.

Seeing that users of MavenSay were spending a lot of time recommending music, and even communicating through music, MavenSay thought it would be a good idea to develop an app all around music messaging. Music messaging? Yes, music messaging. Think of it kind of like Snapchat for music.

No, it doesn’t auto-destroy the musical message after ten seconds, but there is a certain creative quality to it that reminds me quite a bit of Snapchat. See, Snapchat developed a new way to message. It’s not just about the self-destructing bit, it’s about the fact that you can’t send a message on Snapchat without sending a picture along with it.

In the same way, Rithm asks users to think outside the box and attach a song to each message…

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