Well, here we go. After a considerable amount of teasing (not to mention cheerleading from Google execs during earnings calls), Motorola Mobility is finally ready to unveil its long-awaited Moto X smartphone to the world, and it’s going to do it at a special event in New York City on August 1.

Actually, you know what? “Unveil” may not exactly be the right word — the veil has basically been off for months if you go the sheer number of leaks we’ve seen make the rounds. At this point we’ve got a pretty good understanding of what the device will look like, what sort of components it’s going to pack inside that peculiarly-curved frame, and what it’s capable of in terms of software. That’s not to say that Motorola hasn’t kept some surprises for the main event — I don’t think anyone has managed to piece together the…

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