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Writer Elaine Morgan has died at age 92. Perhaps best known for her book The Descent of Woman, at TEDGlobal 2009 she made her case for the “aquatic ape hypothesis” — an admittedly non-standard idea about human origins. Earlier this year, in TheGuardian, Erika Milam offered a compelling new take on Morgan’s place in scientific discourse — suggesting it “may tell us more about the fraught relationship between feminism and science than it does about the evolution of humanity.”

Bertrand Piccard’s (watch his talk) solar plane just completed a flight from California to New York. The next step: a round-the-world flight planned for 2015. But there is a challenge — the fact that the cockpit only fits a single pilot with no room for food, water or other necessities. As Piccard’s partner Andre Borschberg explained to Ars Technica, “The weak link is the pilot…

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