A number of high-profile websites will be taking part in an online protest tomorrow against the National Security Agency (NSA)’s surveillance of online activity and phone calls. The protest is organized by non-profit organization Fight for the Future, and will see participation from thousands of sites, including, Namecheap, Reddit, 4chan, Mozilla, Fark, TOR, Cheezburger, Demand Progress, MoveOn, and EFF, among others.

However, none of the tech companies – like Facebook or Google – whose cooperation with the NSA was outed in the PRISM reveal will be involved in tomorrow’s events.

The online protest is being described as a website and media takeover, where visitors will see the 4th Amendment plastered over sites in banners. There are also a number of blog posts planned, as well as proposed TV ads (see below).

In WordPress’s case, the open source WordPress community will be involved, but users supported by Automattic will…

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