Flipboard users counting on the social magazine to retain their Google Reader subscriptions after the service’s shutdown last night are waking up today to a bit of disappointment. Though Flipboard had promised earlier that those who signed into Google Reader in their Flipboards would be able to continue to enjoy their subscriptions after Reader’s closing, apparently, that’s not the case.

[UPDATE: See below. Flipboard says feeds are back.]

On Twitter, many are tweeting their confusion and unhappiness with the situation, and, as one TechCrunch reader has pointed out, users can no longer take to Flipboard’s GetSatisfaction page to discuss the issue further, as Flipboard’s community page was also shutdown a couple of weeks back. There, the company had only posted a few responses to users’ technical questions and suggestions related to the Reader shutdown, and mainly directed people to company blog posts for more information.

When Google first announced its…

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