The Voice of Amy Lynn

I’ve for longer than most supported Kred over Klout. While everyone was addicted to Klout I kept pushing Kred. Heck I even got a free Amazon Kindle fire HD from Kred and Dolby. How could I not support something that is so very transparent. So very transparent that when they remove points it’s just as obvious.

I’ve suspected for sometime now points were being removed from my account. I’ve strived very hard to be 1000. What an honor it would be to have that score ya know? So I started a tracking log.

After their latest update my actions were made public, offline moments that is. Many of my offline moments upset people because I got a large amount of points and by default they now give away low bundles.  As I keep stressing, I was using Kred before it was popular. Someone has to get points, and that person…

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