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For years we have heard of the Magic of Hollywood!  I’m not exactly sure of what that phrase refers to. Rather than thinking the “magic” refers to glitz and glamour, I’d much rather think of it as the way Hollywood captivates audiences and starts chatter around topics that most people don’t normally discuss!

Most recently, we have all heard a lot about Angelina Jolie and her announcement about getting a double mastectomy. Wow! There have been so many vigorous public discussions on breast cancer and Ms. Jolie’s announcement.

It has been two weeks since she went public with her very brave and personal decision, and people are still discussing breast cancer, BrCA 1 genes, and prevention. Thanks, Ms. Jolie!!  Perhaps this is the Magic of Hollywood at work!  If so, hooray for Hollywood!

As a professional in the field, I want to take this opportunity to share information. Here are a…

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