Surprising no one, Motorola chief Dennis Woodside revealed at D11 that Motorola is tooling a new flagship Android device. This device, cleverly named Moto X, will be widely distributed and most likely the device that slipped through the FCC’s test labs last week. The phone is going to be made, at least in part, in the United States. Surprise surprise.

Look for the Moto X along with several other high-end Android phones this fall.

As Ryan detailed yesterday, Woodside revealed little else about the Moto X at his talk yesterday. He mentioned that the phone will be “contextually aware” meaning that the phone will know when it’s inside a pocket and when it’s taken out, when it’s inside a car and when it’s on a desk. Clever but hopefully Motorola has more tricks in the works too.

439px-Motorola_Transistor_Radio_1960The Android scene is expecting big things from Motorola. The American company is…

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