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Bahia Shebab is an artist, activist, and advertising executive who has been living in Cairo since 2003. And she also has been known to head out on the streets in the middle of the night to spray paint stenciled series that protest injustice and reflect on the fast-shifting politics of the city. Of course, Shehab loves her hometown. And so we asked: where are your favorite places in Cairo? Here, she shares in images captured by Ohoud Saad who tells stories through her photographs, films and writing, and captures beauty of what’s around her on her blog.

alt=refer to caption Cairo Kitchen . “I love this new start-up, and I’m really proud of the Egyptian entrepreneurs behind it. They’re very young, and they’re serving really good Egyptian food at affordable prices in a nice setting. It’s something we’ve never had. Before, if you wanted to eat Egyptian food, you ate it off…

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