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yahoo sign

Yahoo sent a memo to employees yesterday, letting them know that they were expected to show up at the office every day. Shocking!

After All Things D reported the new policy yesterday and then followed up with the full memo, literally hundreds of people commented and tweeted to express their disgust with Yahoo’s management.

The new policy will most directly affect several hundred people who had negotiated work-at-home agreements (out of a total workforce of about 12,000) and who may not be able to work in a Yahoo office without relocating. It will also limit the ability of Silicon Valley-based employees to take the occasional work-at-home day. So we can expect other Valley companies will capitalize on this memo by trying to poach disgruntled Yahoo employees.

Is chief executive Marissa Mayer crazy? Is her chief of human resources, Jackie Reses, who sent the memo, just another corporate slave…

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