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When Little Big Planet first came out on the PS3 I saw the immediate opportunity to build themed community worlds based on brands. Nobody I talked to saw the benefit.  Who knew…because this week Rovio, the makers of the insanely addictive Angry Birds mobile games announced the creation of a new advertising division, The Advertising Partnership Team,  and will open its doors to companies that will want to buy into its avian franchise and associated YouTube channel.

While the games have been supported by traditional banner ads, Rovio intends to get a lot cleverer with the inclusion of integrated brand marketing within the games themselves. If you think to the recent McDonalds campaign in China where the ‘Golden Arches’ were turned into a giant slingshot you can see where they are heading with this.

The concept is nothing new, in fact it could be compared to basic product placement that occurs in TV and film…

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