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movea dancer

Movea showed off its full-body motion-tracking technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

movea 3In a demo, the French company attached 15 sensors to a dancer (pictured) to show how it can gather data, transmit it wirelessly to a PC, and there process the motion signals. An image-based or video-based motion capture system, such as those used in movies, would cost about $50,000, said Sam Guilaume, chief executive at France’s Movea. Movea took the signals from the dancer and turned the movements into a stylized dancing demonstration.

But Movea’s system is available for less than $10,000. Over time, Movea hopes to be able to capture the same data on a person with just five sensors and drive the cost down toward $200.

“It’s becoming very affordable and with that the number of applications is growing,” Guilaume said.

Movea uses off-the-shelf sensors for its applications, but it has invested…

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