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smartphonesThis post comes via Erik Loehfelm, Executive Vice President of UX at Universal Mind

2013 is going to be an exciting year for designers. We’ll be involved in the tight personalization of services across a connected web of content and devices. And we’ll be challenged to make several new experiences intuitive to users. Above all, the following five trends will have the most impact on what we do in the new year.


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Contextual Design

Contextual Design will be the next “secret sauce” in digital marketing.

For those of you new to the notion of  “contextual design”, imagine this scenario: You’re walking into BestBuy to shop for a new camera. You have your iPhone with you and location services are turned on. You’re phone “knows” you’re at Best Buy. You find a few cameras that seem like the perfect fit for your needs, but you’d like to see some reviews to…

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