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Final Fantasy, in happier times

Games bloggers have some pretty crappy ideas about how torevive Final Fantasy.

Above: The logical coherence Christian Nutt craves

Above: The logical coherence Christian Nutt craves

Take Gamasutra’s Christian Nutt. Nutt says Final Fantasy games became an industry “pillar” but now “lack something fundamental: a coherent, logical story.” Because if FF games are known for anything, it’s logic and coherence. Like in FF VII, when Sephiroth wanted to destroy the world because something about clones and his mother. Or FF VI, where our heroes battle a ghost train, tame a yeti, and star in an opera. Nutt claims his essay was inspired by spending four hours on YouTube with the flu, and it definitely has that vibe. He rambles for a bit about vision and crystals and mogs before ultimately recommending “throwing it all away, and starting fresh.” To save the series, throw it away. Christian Nutt just blew your mind, Square Enix.


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