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seamicro server

Intel is poised to ship its first chips for “microservers,” a hot new category where it has been trailing its rival Advanced Micro Devices.

AMD says that Intel has been playing catch-up, particularly since it bought microserver pioneer SeaMicro for $334 million early this year. But Intel, the world’s biggest chip maker, says it has actually been thinking about microservers — which use Intel’s low-power Atom microprocessors — for a long time. In an interview with VentureBeat, Intel Fellow Matt Adiletta (pictured below) said that he had been contemplating low-power servers since 2006 and he was the point person in getting SeaMicro, an innovative pioneer in microservers, to use Intel Atom chips in its first machines. AMD has also allied with ARM in hopes of outflanking Intel.

matt adilettaIn any case, microservers have become one of the most competitive battlegrounds in the multibillion-dollar server chip market. The whole idea is that…

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