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Back in Aug the Oculus made a splash on KickStarter as one of the most well funded VR headsets ever.  Now that they are in production, they have upped the specs a bit.  I think its going to make a huge difference.  Lets have a look at what they say from the Oculus website.

The panel we were using in our prototype was a 5.6” LCD with a resolution of 1280×800. This screen is a great size for a VR headset and it has an impressive pixel density for the year it was produced. Nevertheless, it has flaws: it isn’t particularly bright, the contrast ratio is low, and the color accuracy is abysmal. The two biggest issues, though, are its poor fill factor and high switching times.

Pixel Fill Factor

Fill factor is a combination of several things, but it boils down to this: there are displays that have very…

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